Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant, Eileen-Rose  - For 'clarity and direction' in life'
All Readings are £35 up to 30 minutes
you choose the Style of your Reading...         
Natural Mediumship
Mediumship is where I will make contact with those that have passed and is mainly about past events..I will work with my Spirit Guide using my gift of Natural Mediumship throughout  the Reading...
Tarot Card Reading 
Tarot Card Reading  is mainly about present and future events and  I will focus on the Tarot 'spread' and using my experience as a Card Reader I am able to translate the meaning of each of the cards for the client...
Crystal Reading
With this Style of Reading I bond my own Psychic power with the power within the 'cleansed' Crystal Ball which aligns a strong  combined power for me to work with...
In this Reading I will focus my energy on a personal belonging, such as a watch or item of jewelry, and by handling  the item I am able to 'link in' with information and details' of the wearer...

A combination Reading is where I would use a mixture of the different styles.      

With a relaxing and completely private Reading Room and with the experience and knowledge that comes from being a true Psychic, I am able to offer a totally professional, personal and confidential service to all of my client.s'
Contact details: mobile 07759 170789
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