Hi, and thanks' for visiting my website,


I hope that you can spare a moment or two of you time to take a look at this Homepage and also the following few pages which will give you details of how I work with my Clients to help and guide them in finding, restoring and maintaining true 'clarity and direction' on the path of life...to enjoy a sense of purpose and fulfillment...these few pages describe how I achieve that aim through the use of the tools from my 'PsychicTool Box'...my help is only a call away so you too can benefit by deciding to give me that call where we can discuss options that I can offer you...enjoy your visit and thanks again Eileen.     


On the 'About me' page you will find a brief introduction from me with details of my location and the area in which I work...a brief account of my Psychic background and development from my childhood to the present day...my philosophy on all things Psychic...my strong view about client satisfaction and trust...and also why I still get great pleasure from my work after more than 30 years...


On the 'Style of Readings' page shows a list of the different Styles' of Readings that are available for each individual...

All Readings' are £40...   ** xmas & new year period special offer.. ** £25 per reading.. offer ends 31/01/2022 **  

Natural Mediumship * Tarot Card Reading * Crystal * Psychometry



* I am sorry that I am not able to continue Home Visit Party Bookings... however I am continuing with bookings for appointments at my home base in the Manchester area... 

** on arrival Clients will be required to use the hand sanitiser provided... the reading room will be ventilated before and during your appointment.. thank you, Eileen-Rose **          

Contact details: mobile 07759 170789

email: [email protected]